27.10.13 – 01.12.13 Karin Hoogesteger & Petra Schuddeboom

“38’’ by Karin Hoogesteger

For the last few years Karin Hoogesteger has been working on a series about the ’38 imperfections of the soul’, which is a result of her artistic search for the state of perfection that she called ‘SUM‘. The series includes 38 paintings, each originated from the emotional state associated with one of the 38 Bach Flower Essences. The paintings will be exhibited this fall at two Dutch galleries, each gallery shows half of the series. A book of the series will be published and presented during the exhibitions.

Petra Schuddeboom
Her method of designing could best be described as searching for a material that inspires her and then start \”building\” her outfit with this material. Schuddebooms designs are mostly very experimental but she also use this method when she designs more wearable clothes. \”Form\” is the most important keyword in describing Petra Schuddebooms designs, whether in very exuberant designs or in the details. She also loves to experiment with materials with chemical reactions like burning, and melting.

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