Alejandro Ceron

Alejandro Cerón is an Eindhoven based Spanish multidisciplinary artist whose work usually blurs the line between art and design. Cerón is fascinated by psychology of perception, philosophy and social interaction. His work aims to dig in audience’s brain through the stimulation of the senses, in a physical and emotional way.

Graduated in Product Design at the Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño in Murcia (Spain), in 2006 he moved to Italy to course an MA in Industrial Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. That same summer he attended a Vitra Summer Workshop in France with Richard Hutten.

In 2008 Alejandro moved to Rotterdam to work with Hutten, co-founder of the dutch design brand DROOG. Later on, Alejandro moved to Eindhoven to start working with Nacho Carbonell. During those years, he developed a deep knowledge about materials, innovative technics and self-production systems.

It was early 2010 when Alejandro founded the Studio Alejandro Cerón, multidisciplinary experimental art and design Lab.

‘My work is a way to approach the complex world we are living in. It’s a tool to suggest and communicate with people, it goes beyond language. To wake up curiosity and stimulate the audience by creating experiences are common principles in every project. The powerful thing about art is that it is completely useless. This means so much, it’s such a strong feeling. It transcends the practical in search of something magnificent, like poetic purity. It’s about self-reflexion, research and total commitment. One of the particularities of our era is that we literally wish to get to the root of things. Art goes beyond the tangible in search for the sublime. It’s able to change, describe and write the history. It is able to cause sensations and change minds and mentalities; joining, building or destroying whatever established barrier. Art makes us understand and learn about ourselves. I am appalled by the relativity of the existentialist reality of contemporary individuals. My work struggles against relentless of time in favour of memory and experience’.

Alejandro has a unique sensitivity to material and his abstract approach to create lends artful complexity to the design world.

The studio moves between different disciplines, from sculpture to furniture, from installation to video, seeking for the right translation of each idea.

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