Rolf has bought some of the furniture from the estate of Queen Juliana. He has transformed these pieces into new pieces of furniture. The original collection includes a desk, a closet, four chairs and two tables, but it has grown into multiple pieces.

There are many parallels between the work of Rolf as an architect and the transformation of his furniture. He transforms old buildings into buildings with a function, old and decayed buildings are converted to contemporary and modern spaces. Also furniture is given a new life through transformation.

In the furniture, this is translated into combining, mixing or crossing objects, elements and components and by using different materials visually and / or technically together. In this collection the original forms are still visible, but the furnishings are now converted to abstract and modern pieces. This creates a tension between old and new, traditional furniture of the past with a certain (emotional) value, which obtains a place in our current living space.

The Recycled Currency Seatings series for Design Days Dubai 2015

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