26.10.2014 – 23.11.2014 Rare Company by Alejandro Ceron

26.10.2014 – 23.11.2014
Rare Company & Beautiful Mess series by Alejandro Ceron

Sunday 26.10.2014 @ 3PM

Beautiful Mess
The ‘Beautiful Mess’ series reflects about the blurred boundaries between conceptual design and contemporary art.
A subjective act results in a Kierkegaardian contemporary immediacy. Circumstances such as context, education, physical or
emotional function and experience determine our perception about the same object, defining its meaning.
These pieces, as a sculptural installation, aim to generate emotional responses in the viewer by instigating an interactive relation.
Emotional value is generated from the established relation between user and object.
‘Beautiful Mess’ are unique hand-made pieces made out of steel, PU foam and silicon rubber.

Rare Company
These pieces are small furniture pieces resembling certain kind of alive friendly creatures. The whole project expands and various
pieces will be presented along with the sculptural furniture, such as skins, special editions, prototypes and drawings

The exhibition offers a global deep view of the whole ‘Beautiful Mess‘ and ‘Rare company‘ projects, from the very first
drawings and shapes to the final pieces, passing by the tests and video of the process. By involving all senses I want to create an
experience for the audience, generating curiosity, interest and an empathy feeling.
Experience = Emotion = Value.