11.12.11 – 17.02.12 CO-OP

Space 1 & Space 2:
This show will be characterized by cooperation in which objects and paintings are presented, it emphasizes collaboration between different disciplines, but also similarities in forms that not always immediately are noticeable. The objects result from the cooperation of the gallery with design Gallery Krehký from Prague and with artist Servaas Roelandse (NL). The paintings shown are from a number of Chinese artists who are represented by Willem Kerseboom Gallery from Amsterdam.

Gallery Krehký:
Richard Hutten
Yveta Kroupová
Maxim Velcovský

Servaas Roelandse

Willem Kerseboom Gallery:
Han Yajuan
Chen Fei
Yi Xiaofeng
Mosquito Cheng
Zeng Hua Rong
Lai Zhi Cheng
Takashi Murakami

In Backspace:
Steffie Christians, fashion
Jolanda van Gennip, Paintings

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