29.05.11 – 26.06.11 Niek Verschoor & Karin Hoogesteger

Space 1:
“Inside the enemy cube”
This exhibition is part of an ongoing process. ‘Threats’ and ‘Violence’ are for many years now ever-recurring themes in the work of Niek Verschoor. He started of as a photographer making large black & white photographs. After founding his own army unit in 2004 his work developed more and more as conceptual projects in which participation is an essential part of the process.

The starting point for ‘Inside the Enemy Cube’ were his personal experiences during the implementation of the ‘Blue Ferryman’ artproject in Afghanistan in 2009.

In this past year the artist was trained as a sniper. Taking crucial decisions in conflict situations is a key element in the training. From within the system he analyzes the concept of ‘friend or enemy’ and visualised these ideas into powerful images.

In the exhibition ‘Inside the Enemy Cube’ the vulnerability of humans is closely tangible and visible. In this ‘Pandora’s Box’ Verschoor confronts the viewer directly to the very casualness and the banality of violence.

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Space 2: