30.11.13 – 09.02.14 In Store

For 6 weeks the gallery will be turned into an inspiration shop. Everything about Art, Design & Fashion.
Where is the boundery between the artistic disciplines and how do we present them? Is the meaning of a gallery changed in the last couple of years?
Do we have to present art as a product like design or fashion? Or do we have to present design and fashion like art?
a.o.: Studio rENs, Ellen Urselmann, Petra Schuddeboom, Cor Unum, Studio Rolf.fr, Patrick Ceyssens, Lenneke van der Goot, Iris Frerichs, Xandra Bremers, Hans Paijmans, Clementine Oomes, Cristina Martens, Santalvm by Juliette Wermenbol, Sjaak Korsten

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