Studio Friso

Friso Dijkstra works in a wide range of disciplines. His rational approach to development and production is harmoniously
coupled with a minimalist sense of cultural or poetic relevance. Friso’s interest in industrial processes, functionality, materials and form are expressed through a conviction that every new product should represent an advance from where it originally derived and should adapt to suit its user and surroundings.

Mollusc is a series of three different fruit bowls. The name derives from the mantle shell that encloses and protects boneless organisms in waters such as oysters, clams, mussles, etc. These armours have a distinct function, which is to protect the living of it’s inhabitant. Once washed upon the shore on our coastlines the seashells, as we call them by then, are treasured for just their beauty and not anymore for their function. This has led to Mollusc I, II and III; protective armoured shells which’ heavy industrial aesthetics are balanced out with the simple iconic shapes of an oyster, clam and mussle to protect the ‘living thing’ that is inside.

Mollusc series